Rav Rav
2 years ago

Male skincare routine

Hi all, I'm looking for a simple moisturiser for AM and PM and SPF 30/50+ (ideally 50) to use everyday (Animal cruelty free would be a bonus)

I'm finding shea butter doesn't do my skin any good and gives me spots on my face/body.

I'd like to find a SPF sunscreen that doesn't make my face shiny at all and is coral reef friendly meaning physically ingredients like zinc oxide etc as much as I can do.

Current routine:

I currently use a facial soap bar (Harikia kesar goti) to remove the suncreen and daily grime / pollution in the mornings after shower and in the evening before bed.

After cleansing my face I use aloe Vera and about 3-5 drops of argon oil, mix them together and apply to my face in the AM/PM for years now.

Sunscreen - I've only recently started using this daily but I find it too shiny/texture of my face feels like I have something there which I don't like.

I have some dark spots/pigmentation around my face and some wrinkles around my eyes and dark circles under my eyes.

Male in his early 30's with Indian light brown skin.

Hope you can help me find a natural as possible skin care routine!

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This sunscreen might work for you but Cruelty Free Kitty (our source for the info on cruelty free products) does not guarantee that it's cruelty free: https://whatsinmyjar.com/product/peter-thomas-roth-max-matte-shine-control-sunscreen-broad-spectrum-spf-45

What country are you in?


Thanks for taking your time to reply :).

I am based in the UK. I've looked at the ingredients and for SPF it would be preferable to have a non shiny mineral sunscreen if this even exists as I hate the shiny look as a man!


Again not guaranteed cruelty free, but this might be a good option: https://whatsinmyjar.com/product/neutrogena-sheer-zinc-dry-touch-sunscreen-broad-spectrum-spf-50

Completely matt sunscreens tend to be not very good or non-existent, but you could also add a bit of an SPF powder or a translucent makeup powder on top to take the shine off - the translucent option is not noticeable on the skin


This is a French brand with skincare designed for men (as they have thicker skin). I am a woman but have tried their sunscreen and it’s matte and moisturizing, cruelty free and coral leaf safe. They ship to UK here’s the link if you are interested



Thanks all, I've purchased Alturist face fluid SPF 50 and it's a little shiny but works really well and keeps my face hydrated :). It is a mixture of mineral/chemical though so I do get a little shine but not too bad.

Any recommendations for black circles under eyes for men's skin? And preventive anti ageing for wrinkles?

Thank you