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"Face Pureté Marine Intense Regulating Concentrate"
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WIMJ summary for moisturizing

This product can help improve hydration of the skin with the two types of ingredients.

The first type is called “humectants”:
these ingredients help attract water. When humectants are on the surface of the skin, they “pull in” the moisture from the outside environment, or from within deeper layers of the skin. The following ingredients in this product do the job: algae extract, glycerin.

This product also contains ingredients called “occlusives”. They help reduce the speed with which our skin loses moisture to the outside environment. These ingredients also help soften the upper layer of the skin, so it feels less tight and nicer to the touch. The following ingredients in this product do the job: algae extract, caprylyl glycol.

Ingredient Effectiveness Concentration Irritancy
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meets threshold
meets threshold

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Potential irritants


Ingredients by volume

Ingredient Estimated concentration
Plain old water
40% - 60%
Produces temporary toning effect. Can help dissolve other ingredients or preserve products
6% - 9%
A type of silicone that can help create nice product texture and soften the upper layer of the skin
2.9% - 4.4%
Helps create a thicker product consistency
1.9% - 2.9%
Plant extract that helps the skin to attract water and make it more smooth for touch. Also shows promise of anti-aging properties, but research is not extensive yet
1.4% - 2.2%
Sea water. Helps dissolve other ingredients in a product
0.9% - 1.35%
Helps mask the small of other ingredients and improve the product texture
0.85% - 1.3%
0.6% - 1.35%
Helps oil and water mix together
0.45% - 1.1%
Helps oil and water mix together
0.45% - 1%
A preservative. It helps prevent bacterial growth in cosmetic products
0.15% - 0.7%
Used to create a nice product texture and help delivery of other ingredients. Might be somewhat helpful in attracting water to the upper layer of the skin
0.1% - 0.5%
Used to stabilize the product formulation and can help absorb oil
0.05% - 0.3%
An aromatic blend of unspecified and possibly irritating ingredients
0.05% - 0.15%
A preservative
0.05% - 0.15%
0.05% - 0.2%
Typically used to stabilize the product formulations. It is a salt of a polyhydroxy acid (PHA) and in larger concentrations, can help shed the dead cells from the skin surface revealing smoother skin. It can help attract water to the upper layer of the skin. Might to be helpful against acne and clogged pores. Could be helpful in neutralizing free radicals, but solid research is missing. Due to the zinc content, might help calm down inflammation in skin
0.05% - 0.15%
Helps preserve products and creates a nice product texture
0.05% - 0.2%
One of the best moisturizing ingredients. Naturally present in skin. It attracts water to the upper layer of the skin working as a humectant
0.05% - 0.2%
Used to create a thicker product consistency
0.05% - 0.15%
A preservative
0.01% - 0.05%
Helps attract water to the upper layer of the skin and improves the product texture
0.01% - 0.1%
Used mostly for creating emulsions - helping oil and water mix together. Helps soften the upper layer of the skin
0.01% - 0.05%
Helps to control the skin's pH level. Maintains the skin's natural film of amino-lactic acids and oils. Helps to preserve products
0.01% - 0.05%
Can work as an exfoliant but is typically used to adjust the product pH
0.01% - 0.05%
Helps create a thicker or gel-like product texture. It is not a surfactant but can be used in gentle cleansing formulations
0.01% - 0.05%
0.01% - 0.1%
Used to stabilize the formula of product formulation. Might be helpful in neutralizing free radicals in skin
0.01% - 0.1%
An emollient that can also help water and oil mix together, as well as prevent bacteria growth in products
0.05% - 0.2%
Might be helpful against blemishes, work as an anti-oxidant, reduce inflammation and improve skin's ability to hold on to moisture, but more research is needed to confirm its effectiveness when applied topically to human skin
0.01% - 0.05%
Helps mask the smell of other ingredients and helps preserve the product formulation
0.01% - 0.05%
The ingredient is not recognized
Helps soften the upper layer of the skin. At the same time, it can weaken the skin's barrier enhancing penetration of other ingredients and increasing the risk of skin dryness
0.01% - 0.05%
A red colorant made of iron oxide. Typically is not irritating
0.05% - 0.15%
Might have some moisturising properties. Is not effective when applied topically beyond some moisturizing effect
0.05% - 0.15%

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