2 years ago

Hello from Cleo

I am in the "mature" age bracket, I live in NZ where the weather can be hot or cold during the year. I am active, walk everyday, eat pretty healthy. I try to keep to an anti-inflammatory diet as I suffer from rosacea and have done for many years. I have it pretty much under control these days. I have also had acne and sensitive skin. I have always loved makeup, and still do.

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Hello Cleo! Very excited that you are joining us from NZ. I love your country ❤️🥝 😊

I've just taken a quick look at your routine. I am wondering if it might be a good idea to switch to a lower percentage of niacinamide - 4-5% should be enough, and might be gentler on your skin. Not sure if this product available in NZ, but it's a very good option: It combines niacinamide and great humectants, without risky irritants.

Could you share a bit more about your diet? What do you avoid and what's encouraged?


Hi Maria, Thank you for your reply and suggestion about niacinamide. The product you suggested isn't available in NZ. I could get it from Amazon but very pricey as the NZD is very low at the moment. I will look for another option. In the meantime I will dilute with my moisturiser.

I try to keep my diet to things such as oats, berries, green leafy veges, salmon, nuts, avo, olive oil, kombucha and kefir. I am not too too strict thought. I have red meat about twice a week and the odd chocolate treat. I have found my rosacea triggers as far as food goes, to be alcohol,

orange juice and spicy foods. Too many refined carbs or sugar are bad too.