Ollie's Mama Ollie's Mama
2 years ago

Which would be better to use??

Which do you guys think would be better to use? I feel like both have some really great ingredients. One is obviously natural and I believe vegan made. I am just trying to see which one I should go with. I dont have too many dark spots (but I do have them, and they arent too dark either), The skin concerns I am looking to improve would be my skin texture, pores, and tone. Which do you recommend?

Algenist - BLUE ALGAE VITAMIN C™ Skinclarity Brightening Serum
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Dr Dennis Gross - C+Collagen Brighten and Firm Serum
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Between the two, I'd go for the Dr. Dennis Gross serum, mostly because of a good concentration of niacinamide and lactic acid and less potential irritants. The Vitamin C derivative it uses could also help with evening out the skin tone, but the effect from it will most likely be minimal (the derivatives need very high concentrations to have an effect and it's hard to tell if they actually work from the studies available)