Helch Helch
3 years ago

Sensitive skin concern

I am too sensitive for any chemical I feel better when I only wash using water can this cleanser help with or I try another. What do you recommend me thank you

Beautycoll - Skin Brightening Cleanser
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If you don't need to remove makeup, sunscreen or any particular dirt, it is absolutely fine just to rinse your skin with water. Over-cleansing is not good for any skin, especially sensitive, and you do not need to cleanse when your skin isn't dirty.

The Beautycoll - Skin Brightening Cleanser looks like a great gentle product for when you do have to cleanse. It's formula is relatively simple, with mild surfactants and minimal ingredients overall (apart from aloe and shea butter - there is no benefit to these ingredients in a cleanser, and they have added just traces of them anyway).


Thank you so much, it’s help full