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3 years ago

Help with deepened lines due to burning eye area from product?

Please any advice on my situation:

I started a new acne treatment called epiduo and a new face regime, estee Lauder night and eye cream. I used my topical treatment first and them moisturised with the other two after. But after 5 minutes the area under my eyes started burning, then stopped. Then burned again after an hour for another 5 minutes. The next morning, the lines around my eyes aged me about 10 years. I am 24 but the lines had deepened so much and burned some of the skin too and darkened my under eye bags. It has been a week since this happened and my skin has bounced back a little after deep intense moisturising with Egyptian magic and Dior. The Estee Lauder eye cream burnt my skin. What can I do to heal faster, is there any hope of undoing the burns damage?

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It sounds like you've got an irritant reaction under your eyes. It could be from the epiduo product migrating there. So the first tip would be applying a thick occlusive ointment (for example, vaseline, aquaphor ointment) around your eyes before you apply the epiduo.

It would also be best to transition to a fragrance-free moisturizer for face and under-eye (you can apply an eye cream before the protective ointment).

The bottom line is: the best (and the only truly effective) thing you can do to stop the irritation is to prevent contact with the irritant - so applying the epiduo further away from the eyes and protecting the area with an ointment. And please don't worry about the worsening of the lines - it's just a temporary consequence of the irritation, they will go away once the inflammation is gone.

Wishing your skin a quick recovery!


I will definitely implement what you’ve recommended. Thank you so much for your advice and well wishes!