Aerykahjean Aerykahjean
2 years ago

Hello from null

I've been dealing with cystic acne and big sebaceous glandular acne if that is a thing, for my whole adult life and I'm 35. I find that when I start a product it can work well at first but soon it seems to lose the ability to make my acne stay at Bay. So I will try different things... maybe not using it or using it just on certain areas... the same thing though the product may seem like a miracle cure when i first use it but soon im seeing acne erupt as if on a pizza eat>ng dirty pillow case having 13 year old.... I always noticed that my skin breaks out even worse if I just all together stop using the product so the products are doing what they should be doing I guess. I'm really excited that I found this site.. I'm hoping to find good reviews and information to help me find better products. Can I go to brand is La Roche... I've been using their effector acne line for many many years.. ive always been blown away with all their products.. just extremely pricey!

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Welcome to WIMJ Aerykahjean! I hope this community and tools can help you find a routine that works, I know dealing with acne is stressful... Could you fill in your current skincare routine, so we can take a look and maybe recommend something?