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2 years ago

Hello from Dez

Hi, I’m a 40 yr old single mom and I’m fighting the aging process. I know I will age obviously but I would like to hold off some off the signs as long as possible lol. I am losing weight as well and it seems like I am getting older as I lose weight. Any suggestions on skincare options? I’ve been looking for a good hyaluronic acid serum but I would like one above 2.5% The only one that I have found so far is the one from L’Oréal.

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Hello Dez! Welcome to WIMJ!

There is actually no need in a high-concentration hyaluronic serum, 1% is more than enough. Higher concentrations can even lead to more moisture loss (hyaluronic acid binds water, some of it comes from the deeper layers of the skin. The "captured" water then can quickly evaporate from the skin, especially when the air is dry or when not enough natural or skincare emollients are on the skin surface).

The "golden" combo for anti-aging (generally speaking) is daily broad spectrum sunscreen + a retinoid. Ascorbic acid can also bring good results.