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Hello from Monet

I have naturally dry skin, have recently turned 60 and always like to know the latest skincare products and there purposes. Cleansers , serum, moisturises , I love to use. At my age , I try and read up on products as much as possible so I am not wasting time or money. Always on the lookout for products for mature skin. I am an advocate of skin care and mindfulness. I believe our lifestyle over time has had an impact, especially on our skin and mind.

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Welcome to WIMJ Monet - it is very nice to meet you!

I feel the same way about the role of lifestyle, and also mindful approach to skincare. There is so much value in examining why we feel we need to buy a product, do a procedure or whatever it is. Is it external marketing influence on us, a desire for a "quick fix" for something deeper, maybe even a lack of compassion towards ourselves (like in "I hate my pores"), or is it an expression of self-care and appreciation of our body and the skin as its part?...