Nycti Nycti
2 years ago

Hello from Nycti

Hi, I've been told I have great skin and maybe I do, but I am getting older (blek- I am 51 how did that happen?) and I do not like the fine lines under my eyes and I have always had a problem with redness, especially on my chin, under my nose, and somewhat on my cheeks. I am really fair, never tan and burn easily.

I do not like using a lot of products and prefer a more natural makeup look. (The pandemic really drove that home as I worked from home for almost 2 years) Anyway, just a little about me.

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Welcome to WIMJ Nycti! I hope we can be a good support for you in finding skincare that's right for you!

It sounds like your skin is quite sensitive, so I'd pay a close attention to potential irritants in products to make sure not to aggravate the redness and to decrease inflammation.

I am personally a big fan of a minimalistic skincare routine - just a few gentle but effective products, and no to spending a lot of time and money on skincare :)