2 years ago

Hello from BriLK

I suffer from dermatillomania so I have to be very particular about my skincare that it doesn’t inflame my skin more. I am trying to use a healthy skincare routine to promote positive feelings about my skin, reduce the clogged pores and dryness that trigger picking, and fight signs of aging!

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Hello BriLK! Welcome to WIMJ, and I hope we can be a supportive community for you.

One thing that helped me a lot to feel more positive about my skin is learning more about the skin biology. Of course, reading dermatology articles is quite a nerdy hobby, but it gave me appreciation of how complex and wonderful the skin is as an organ. In terms of topics, skin barrier, skin mechanisms for sun protection (melanocytes and things), wound healing and learning about the skin part of the immune system can be fascinating. It might help to shift the perception of the skin from something external, appearance-related to it being an integral part of your beautiful organism. Just in case you find this idea helpful!