Mitchy Mitchy
2 years ago

Reduce oiliness

AM - Everyday
Ultra Repair Cream First Aid Beauty - Ultra Repair Cream
PM - Everyday
Moisturising Cream CeraVe - Moisturising Cream
Tolérance Extrême Cleansing Lotion for Intolerant Skin Avene - Tolérance Extrême Cleansing Lotion for Intolerant Skin
Hyaluronic Booster Me+ - Hyaluronic Booster
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I think this serum from Paula's Choice for the AM might work well for you: It contains azelaic acid 10% and a low concentration of salicylic acid, both these actives help reduce pore clogging. Niacinamide can also help reduce oil production a little bit, and it can be used twice daily. You already have it in your Cerave moisturizer, but it's not in the First Aid Beauty cream. You could use the Cerave cream both day and night, or add a separate niacinamide serum in the AM (for example,

And please don't forget a daily sunscreen! ☀️