Alem Alem
2 years ago

Cleansing balm or oil for milia prone skin

I have sensitive dry-combo skin and I struggle with milia around my eyes and on my forehead.

I'm looking for a double cleansing routine that will help prevent it and not clog my pores.

What do you recommend?

I like the feeling of a cleaning balm to remove makeup but since I don't wear it everyday I don't need a heavy cleansing balm for daily use but rather a light oil based cleanser.

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I actually wouldn't recommend double-cleansing (apart from removing stubborn makeup like mascara) - it puts unnecessary stress on the skin barrier, and you can get a thorough but more gentle cleanse with just one good product. So I'd go for a 1 cleanse method, but use an exfoliator 1-2 times per week to help control/prevent milia if your skin doesn't feel sensitive on the day. Using a retinoid in your routine can also help with reducing milia (but then it's better to avoid exfoliation at least in the beginning, retinoid on its own speeds up the skin turnover).


Thanks for your advice! In using the byoma jelly cleanser as a second cleanse at the moment. Would you recommend just using this instead of double cleansing then ?

Or should I use an oil based cleanser ?

Is single cleansing enough to remove sunscreen?

Thanks again


Yes, byoma jelly cleanser is enough to remove sunscreen! Just use a generous amount of product (more product but less rubbing is gentler on the skin). The cleanser texture is just a personal preference, both oil- and water-based ones are similarly effective


hi. I highly recommend 2-step cleansing ritual anyway.

Derma E universal cleansing balm is so good for everyday routine.

Use with your fav foam or gel cleanser after that balm. (I use Cerave Sa )

It is way more important.


Thank you for the advice ! Will look into it