2 years ago

Website updates - comparing products

We've updated the "compare products" feature:

Main improvement: It loads way faster than before!

Also we added more information to the individual break downs:

- The sun protection breakdown now shows the different properties of the sunscreen ingredient

- And in "Potential irritants" you can now easily see if that irritant offers a skin benefit or not

Let us know what else you are missing there!

Also if you have other ideas for the website as in: What can we improve?

Feel free to comment below!

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* I would love a calendar so that I could keep track when I've used certain items for products that I use every couple of days.

* I'd also love if there were days of the week we could select when building routines (for example monday and friday) because sometimes "twice a week" just doesn't cut it when you have a complicated routine.

* Another useful feature would be if we could add date of opening and use by date for products in the routine.

Thanks for the great work you do!


Also copying routines so that I wouldn't have to add my products again every time I want to add a product and being able to "retire" products from a routine so that you'd have a history of how it changed over time.


Thank you for your feedback!

Regarding "copying a routine" that should be a straightforward change and I think we can implement it rather soon.

We've discussed the history within routines and we think it's a great idea. It's a bigger change though and will probably take some time.

Also the specific date change is not as easy as it sounds but we'd probably do a complete make over of the routines and include that there.

We are currently finishing a sprint so it might take some time until it's ready but it's definitely on the to do list.

To make sure I got the calendar idea right: What do you mean exactly by "items"? Do you mean "skincare tools" like a jade roller?


Thanks for the reply! I know some changes are easier than others, I was just putting ideas out there :)

With calendar items I mean skincare items. For example, when I'm starting a product I'll use it twice per week at first, but sometimes I'll forget if I used it last thursday or friday or even if I used it at all 😅 or I'll delay using it for a few days if my skin is irritated.

It would be helpful if I could have a calendar where I could keep track and see everything at a glance. I currently use my google calendar, but I really like this website and I'd love to have everything in the same place.


Now I get it! Makes sense

This use case would probably be best with an app.

good thing though is that it's not overly complicated to implement.

Can't promise anything right now but we'll try to estimate how many people would want something like this and take it from there.