3 years ago

Best products for mature skin

I really enjoyed Beyond Soap and use the recommended products (as well as Botox and filler) for my skin which has some sun damage and wrinkles. Are there any new skincare products that I should be including as part of my daytime and nighttime skincare routine? Thanks!

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Among the new anti-aging ingredients, bakuchiol looks interesting. The ingredient is relatively new though, and we do not have enough data yet to know how allergenic and irritating it can be. Even though the first studies show that it is less irritating than retinol, it still makes sense to be cautious. Also, if you try bakuchiol, make sure that your product contains only the pure backuchiol (listed as “backuchiol” on the ingredient list), and does not contain any other extracts from the Babchi plant because they can contain irritating and allergenic compounds.