Doro009 Doro009
3 years ago

Super sensitive skin - how to improve

What is the best way to support very sensitive skin? Since a young age, I am have allergies (food, pollen, some medication) and have very reactive and sensitive skin. I usually tolerate beauty products for sensitive skin for a couple of months and then my skin starts to react and I need to find a new brand. Is there anything you would recommend to get a less sensitive skin/less reactive? Any supplements? Anything to support the gut bacteria (if that would make a difference?). Thanks

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With sensitive skin, what you do not do in terms of skincare is more important than what you do. My first recommendation for someone with a reactive skin is to minimize the number of products and ingredients the skin gets in contact with on a daily basis. The first place to start is checking your cleansing routine: most people only need to cleanse their face with a cleanser only once per day, at night to remove sunscreen and makeup. There is no need to double-cleanse, or wash your face with a product in the morning. Surfactants in cleansing products can disrupt the skin’s protective barrier and microbiome, making it more prone to reactions.

The second “don’t’ of caring for reactive skin is avoiding ingredients that are known as frequent allergens and irritants. This, unfortunately, includes fragrance (natural or synthetic), most plant extracts, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. When selecting products, do not trust marketing labels like “for sensitive skin”, “hypoallergenic”, “approved by dermatologists” or “unscented”. These labels mean nothing in most cases, and I frequently come across products marketed for sensitive skin that contain known irritants and allergens. You can follow my Product Elimination Diet. will also launch a tool soon based on my Product Elimination Diet guidelines to help find products that are less likely to cause reactions.

I don't recommend anything for gut health and sensitive skin, or supplements for sensitive skin. There is no evidence that it can help. There is evidence that is can be helpful in eczema, but it s a different condition.