Geli Geli
2 months ago

Hello from Geli

I cannot use niacinimide as in any strength even in makeup or even body lotions will cause closed commodones leading to cystic acne. I'm still working on hyperpigmentation due to this. My skin does not like essential oils and I have to be careful with vitamin e in products very low amounts. Most mineral sunscreens clog my pores and dry my face out I do not tolerate glycolic acid well or sasylic acid both exacerbate breakouts. I tolerate benzoyl peroxide and sulfer at small amounts not very often. I tolerate differin well only if I use sandwich method. I'm not sure if azelaic acid breaks me out I got lots of breakouts on my cheeks from paulas choice azelaic acid booster. Hyloronic acid serums applied directly to my face cause breakouts it has to be mixed with something.

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It sounds like your skin is very sensitive. Maybe you could try to only use a mineral sunscreen in the morning (I hear you your are worried it clogs pores, but you can't go without one, and given your sensitivity a mineral one is the best option as you trying to figure out your routine), then only a gentle cleanser, differin and a moisturizer without hyaluronic acid in the evening? Using this for 2 weeks or so can re-set your skin and give you a baseline. Then you could add one additional product (e.g. an azelaic acid from the Ordinary or Inkey List - these products don't contain salicylic acid and Paula's choice one does - it might be too much for your skin). How long have you been using differin?