Tomi Tomi
3 years ago

Wondering about skinmedica AGE eye creme

Does anyone know the pH of this

SkinCeuticals - AGE Eye Complex
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We've contacted SkinCeuticals for the exact pH of this product - we'll let you know once we hear back! In the meantime, I can share that the active ingredient in it - Ascorbyl Glucoside (it's a vitamin C derivative) is stable in the pH range of 5.0 to 8.0, so most likely the product's pH is about 5.0-6.0 - if I had to guess.


Thank you so very much. :)

Unfortunately I don’t have much faith that they will answer you back. Before I posted my question I actually spoke to the company via text chat and I was told that is proprietary information only!


You were right - got the same response. I guess we’ll have to take the testing strips to the product sample! We’ll keep you posted