curlybecca curlybecca
2 years ago

Reef safe sunscreens

Quick question: Are there any certain ingredients to look out for that are detrimental? I'd appreciate it if WIMJ or anyone on here posted a list of reef harming ingredients in sunscreens!

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It is not clear yet that sunscreen harms coral reefs in reality - there is a possibility that it can, if a large amount of sunscreen gets into the water directly close to the corals and for some reason it is not dispersed quickly by the current. In other words, it makes sense to watch the ingredients in your sunscreen if you go swimming directly next to corals. In all other scenarios the sunscreen ingredients per a unit of water is so little that it is almost impossible for it to affect the coral reef.

In terms of ingredients to avoid, these two have the most potential to be harmful: oxybenzone ( and octinoxate (


Ohhh, got it!

Thank you so much ♡