2 years ago
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Definitely a daily sunscreen, probably one with mineral filters so you don't get the eye stinging. Potentially, a mild vitamin C serum could also help (something gentle like Also using a moisturizer with niacinamide is useful.


I've just bought Dr Vanitta Rattan dark eye lightener. Let's see if it really works. It's very expensive.


Hi, Cundiamor! I’m also Black American, over 60, and have some melasma. To be honest, the “skincare world” has BARELY BEGUN to address melasma/ real hyperpigmentation. A skin-concern category like “uneven skin tone” does not really address hyperpigmentation and melasma at the level they require. Basically, Caucasian skincare has approached “sun problems” from the standpoint of SUNBURN. It has focused upon ultraviolet-B research and solutions. UV-B causes skin “tanning” (which really is damage) and “burning.” SPF ratings address only UV-B, not UV-A or blue light. People with skin of colour- most of the human race, actually- are far more affected- harmed- by ultraviolet A, which causes skin ageing AND our hyperpigmentation, including melasma. So, once again, we have a long way to go. I am with you on this journey. 👍🏽 #skinofcolour #blackskin #brownskin #UVA_solutions


Thank you. I started to use Dr V and have noticed an improvement. The recent melasma grayish areas are much lighter . I also use Eucerin Anti pigment spot corrector. Overall I've notice that my melasma has faded. I use a hat with a wide brim even when driving. I try to re apply sunscreen either in powder or liquid every 2 hours, if I remember.