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2 years ago

Routine query


I have been using my new routine for about 2 months now and I was noticing a difference but now my skin seems to be getting worse again. Also I was gradually introducing my retinol reface and now applying it daily which has been great although it’s starting to feel greasy/oily after applying and I’m unsure why as I haven’t changed anything and stopped having to use moisturiser at night due to this. However I have been drinking less water than usual so may be that🤷‍♀️

Can someone also recommend vitamin c/rose hip products that help with a quick reduction in scarring?


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I can give some thoughts, but you should also wait to hear from the specialist who usually comments on here.

Sometimes it takes a while for irritation to show on the face. You may need to reduce the amount of times you're using retinol. If your skin is super sensitive, you may only be able to use it 2 or 3 days per week. And you may need to stick to a low percentage. Or you may want to try an alternative like Bakuchiol, which has similar effects to retinol, except less irritating.

My skin is super sensitive and these products have dramatically helped to improve my stubborn hyperpigmentation: face theory Regena C30 in the AM & face theory Bakuluronic moisturiser in the PM.


Could the change be due to the stop of the heating season, less dry air, or the weather change?

In terms of vitamin C, I really like this product - for me, it works like a moisturizer in the AM: