niecie2k niecie2k
2 years ago


I make all my own skin products and was hoping to use this site to find substitutions. I'm constantly looking for formulations to dupe and experiment with so I go on sites like UL Prospector, Specialchem, Happi, etc. and there's one problem I always run into - coming across ingredients that I've never heard of and trying to figure out what I can sub them with. For example, yesterday I came across a formulation with PP3 myristyl ether. I can easily find out what this is, but finding out what I can use in place of it is a whole other ball game and for this reason, 90% of the formulations I come across, I can't even attempt even though I may have subs that would work quite well in my very well stocked kitchen.....I mean lab - lol. Anyone have any strategies they use for figuring out substitutions?

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Oh wow, you are a pro! What you are doing sounds super cool! I personally do not formulate products, so can't help unfortunately. Hoping anyone else could help! I also know of, I think they have a Q&A section, maybe they could advice?