3 years ago

Which moisturiser out of those two for dry sensitive skin freaking out with the change of seasons?

I guess Eucerin is a safer option, but I've read that hemp can help with sensitivity and inflammation? Or please recommend another good option that is not too expensive!

Simple - Hemp Calming Facial Moisturiser
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Eucerin - AtoControl Face Care Cream
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Some components of hemp plant - like CBD- seem indeed to be able to calm down inflammation and reduce skin sensitivity issues in this way. But to get this effect, you’ll need to look for “cannabidiol” on the ingredient list. The Simple moisturizer contains hemp seed oil instead. It is an effective emollient oil, but it won’t do anything special in terms of inflammation. Basically, the Simple moisturizer is a great simple but effective formula - just ignore the hemp part, it’s just marketing. The Eucerin product is definitely solid too, it contains a ceramide, amino acids, dimethicone, and should do a very solid moisturizing job. So maybe stick with it if you’ve happily used it in the past? You could also use it at night as the texture is more likely to be heavier, and the Simple product during the day?