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2 years ago

RE: What is most confusing about skincare for you?

How to target acne and wrinkles simultaneously, why products will work for a short time and then stop, and why so many companies are allowed to false advertise.

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OMG, I wish I'd also know the answer to your last question. I guess technically there always is a "claim substantiation" for every marketing claim, but unfortunately it often is just a legalistic exercise, without any relevance to actual effect on people's skin (plus a lot of "clever" word play like "rejuvination" instead of "reducing wrinkles" (still understood by consumers as reducing wrinkles), or my fav "improving the appearance of wrinkles" - can be defended in court for any moisturizer, cooking oil or makeup product).

My hypothesis re your second point is that products feel like they work in the beginning because of the moisturizing effect. We pay attention to it more when we just start using the product. plus, for products with fragrance and plant extracts the initial moisturizing effect can get undone by skin irritation from this ingredients (irritation further weakens our skin barrier, so we get more dryness).

The good news is that there is a positive answer to your first point: treating wrinkles & acne simultaneously - retinoids are the answer! they do both and can be very effective (you can see product examples here: https://whatsinmyjar.com/search/mature-skin/retinoid-products?sortBy=Anti-blemish&sortBy=Irritancy&sortBy=Promises%20fulfilled; adapalene is a bullet-proof ingredient if it is available to you: https://whatsinmyjar.com/search/serums?ingredients_by_name=Adapalene