Nikkido Nikkido
2 years ago

I've got recommended this cleanser online to help get rid of sebaceous filaments. It's so expensive - does it work?

The person who recommended it said I should massage it into my face for 15 min, and the filaments and impurities will come out because "oil dissolves oil". Does it work like that?

Tata Harper - Nourishing Oil Cleanser
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Good news for your wallet - save your money, this product will not make a difference for sebaceous filaments. The same is true for blocked pores.

we have actually noticed this "oil cleansing massage" method being popular in Reddit skincare communities, and, unfortunately, it is not helpful. I think the reason people think that the method works is because dead skin cells get mechanically removed from the skin surface (as expected after a rigorous 15 min of face rubbing 🥺) - so it gives people a feeling of 'removing impurities'. Unfortunately, the downside of this is the same as for other mechanical exfoliation methods like scrubs - you can injure your skin this way. Plus, the cleansers like this one contain fragrance and plant extracts and are designed to be in contact with the skin for a short period of time. 15 min of rubbing greatly increases the risk of skin irritation.

(Having said that, I don't think facial massage is bad at all - if done with low irritation risk oil + following a proper technique, it can be relaxing for facial muscles and make us look & feel better in this way. When doing a proper facial massage, one doesn't spend 15 min rubbing the sides of the nose though (where the filaments typically concentrate). Facial massage and the oil cleansing method for "removing" sebaceous filaments are just not the same thing. )

The truth is one cannot get rid of sebaceous filaments - every single person has them, they are basically a lining of our pores and are an essential component of the skin. The cosmetic issue arises when too much sebum (natural skin oil) gets produced, and the filaments become larger and visible on the surface of the pore. There are only 2 reliable and safe strategies to solve this cosmetic issue: reduce sebum production in skin (can be done with retinoids) and exfoliate within the pore to reduce the size of the filaments (can be done with salicylic acid). Hope this helps!