Marceea Marceea
4 months ago

Skinmedica TNS

I have been using Skinmedica TNS for 2 years. I really love it but the price is so high. Is there another serum that works similarly? I am 54 and have good skin, normal, not oily or dry. Thank you

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The main active in the TNS serum is the human fibroblast conditioned media (growth factors). It needs a significant concentration to be effective, and it's expensive - hence the price tag on the serum. It will be difficult to find an effective serum with this ingredient for significantly less unfortunately. At the same time, if your skin is not particularly sensitive, you can use other ingredients that cost less but achieve the same effect. Mainly, it will be retinoids. The only downside of retinoids is that they can be drying in the beginning, so you should pair a retinoid product with a very good moisturizer. Here are a few options for a retinoid serum (apply at night, on cleansed skin and follow up with a moisturizer. It is a good idea to start applying retinoid every other night at first and gradually work your way up to applying every night): - - - - (this might be moisturizing enough on its own) - Good options for a moisturizer to use on top of the retinoid product: - - - - hope this helps!