Maria from WIMJ
2 years ago

What should the WIMJ build next?

What functionality are you missing on our website? What do you wish it would be able to do that it is not doing yet?

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I’d love to see products grouped by claims such as lifting, for crepe skin, brightening, contour, and lightening so we can compare products and their ingredients. Also, perhaps some features that would allow nuisance in products; I’ll try to explain. I like dr Dennis gross 2 step peel pads (Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel) yet when looking at similar products, none listed are actual pads. Low or no packaging could be a nice feature as well. I’ve been here just a week and absolutely love your product and want to sing it’s praises to everyone!!


1. Effectivenes

I like this

Low - medium - high

I think more better if like this

Very low - low - medium - high - very high

Why because with add "very high" we can more clearly see what the power we need according to skin problem

2. Benefit

- Anti Aging

I think more better if to be unique, with sparated to 2, not just anti aging, like this

- Collagen

- Skin Cell Regeneration

3. Benefit


- Skin Barrier

But I don't need it and hope it happens, I'm not to order or ask Maria just to add ideas, maybe it's useful as a consideration for later, because the existing facilities are enough for me