HanginginThere HanginginThere
3 years ago
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Dirty pillow cases do not harbor acne bacteria. You also can't get acne from dirty make up brushes. Acne-causing bacteria do not like oxygen and they die quickly when exposed to open air. This is why they love living inside cloged skin pores - it's cosy and not too "airy" for them in there:). This means that washing your pillow cases more often will not help your acne.

Still, reasonable hygiene is important for skin health, dirt and other bacteria can trigger skin irritation. It should be enough to wash your pillow cases once per week unless you are using a very heavy occlusive on your face at night that stays on your pillow (for example, vaseline slugging - then I'd change the case daily). Ideally, choose a sensitive, fragrance-free detergent and skip the fabric softner.