3 years ago

Differin (adapalene 0.1%) and Skinoren (Azelaic acid 20%)

Can you apply Differin gel then Skinoren cream at night?

Can you apply either Differin or Skinoren cream on top of a serum? (Eg. serum, then Differin gel) or will it reduce its effectiveness? Some people say apply to clean dry skin, others say it’s fine or even better to apply after a serum.

Differin - Adapalene Gel 0.1% Acne Treatment
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You can apply Skinoren cream after Differin - if your skin tolerates it. So the risk is only in inducing skin sensitivity because both products have potent ingredients. It makes sense to fist build up the tolerance to one product (I’d start with Differin) for a few weeks (use it as the only active at night time), and then try Skinoren every second night and watch your skin reaction. If you know that your skin is a bit on the sensitive side, then it’s better to stick to Differin at night and Skinoren in the morning (or vice versa - there is no issue in using Differin in the morning).

And yes, you can use either Differin and Skinoren on top of a serum (assuming your serum has a watery texture and doesn’t contain thick emollients or occlusives). Let the serum sink in for about 15 seconds, and apply the product (your skin should be dry at this point). It is neither better or worse to do it this way, it should not influence the penetration of the actives in Differin / Skinoren. Just again watch out for sensitivity: if your serum contains other actives like vitamin C, for example, it might get too much for the skin.


Thank you so much!