Lia Lia
3 years ago

What do you guys think of this formula? Is phyto-melatonin a thing?

They say this product "boosts night-time cell regeneration" - can it do this?

Polaar - Christmas 2020 Revitalizing Elixir with Boreal Algae
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I hate being negative, but this is pretty much a perfumed sunflower seed oil. Sunflower seed oil is an excellent skin softening ingredient, of course, but it is probably not what you are hoping for given the price of this serum. It contains a very small percentage of an algae extract and in such a concentration it won't make any difference to your skin. Melatonin used in skincare is derived from plants, so it is legit to call it "phytomelatonin". And it indeed can be helpful for anti-aging because it might be able neutralize free radicals in skin when used topically. But it is highly unlikely that the algae extract in this product contains any meaningful quantity of melatonin. The bottom line: save your money and buy a nice-smelling candle! :)