Aldian Pramesta Aldian Pramesta
2 years ago

Fastest Brightening Ingredient

Hallo WIMJ Team, wich ingredient that give fastest result for brightening skin, as far as you know on these ingredients:

Niacinamide, Bakuchiol, Retinol, Lactobionic Acid

Answer like this please: *example

#1 Retinol, #2 Bakuchiol, #3 Niacinamide, #4 Lactobionic Acid

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Hello Aldian! Uhh, interesting question! I don't think that there is a comparative study between these ingredients, so just going from informed intuition here. If all ingredients are used in effective concentrations, I'd rank them like this: #1 Lactobionic acid (assuming a strong peel concentration at about 20-30%), #2 Retinol, #3 Bakuchiol, #4 Niacinamide. Of course, the lactobionic acid peel at such a high concentration should be done by a professional. If lactobionic acid is in a concentration of 5-10%, I'd probably ranked it 4th.

At the same time, there is actually a study showing that niacinamide can improve skin brightness already after 4 weeks of use, but the results are quite modest, and the effect is way more noticeable after 8 weeks.


Im forget about concentrations, lucky that you include it and i just found out now if Lactobionic Acid 20-30% was the fastest. I think we have the same thought that Niacinamide was ranked on 3th because does not have the ability to renew skin cells, Bakuchiol on 2th because have that ability for brightening effect and Lactobionic Acid 10% on 4th because need acidic pH for best perfomance. On my country that there is bakuchiol with 10% content as an ampoule, im searching on Amazon it doesn't sell Bakuchiol with 10% concentration, but people in here, use that everyday day and night like a serum, and confuse, i didn't find anyone who complained about side effects, make me want to try it day and night but afraid, the product name wash Aizen Bakuchiol 10% Ultra Ampoule.

Thank you Maria for your information.