Maria from WIMJ
2 years ago

New feature - Create skincare routine for your loved ones πŸ€ΆπŸŽ„πŸŽ

A gift idea: a carefully curated skincare routine. Share your skincare wisdom & help your loved ones get better skin!

We've just built a little tool to create & send a skincare routine to a friend directly from our website. You can add a personal message to it too (with additional skincare instructions and/or warm holiday wishes😊). You can also get a picture with your routine to print out or save.

To access it, click on "send / get image" in the menu here:

What do you think about this tool? And what should we build next?

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Brilliant tool as mentioned! As to what to build next, consider adding a tool that automatically highlights products whose ingredients are banned or flagged in certain regions - e.g. Europe or California. With the market for beauty products becoming more global, it would be good to be able to filter products for entire lists of banned ingredients without going one by one. And even consumers in areas where ingredients are not regulated could benefit from this information.


Thank you so much for the feedback and the idea!

We will look into this. The funny thing though is that the ingredients banned in California under the Toxic-free Cosmetics Act are not used in cosmetic products on the legal market in North America in 99% of cases anyway according to our database, so it was more of a political move, without skincare implications. But we will dig further.