Jaanika Jaanika
2 years ago

opinion about my routine

Hi! Could you please give opinion about my skin routine, the serums and facial cream are new. I have combination skin, T-zone is often oily but at the same time skin is dehydrated. I live in a climate that has very cold winters and mild summers. Skin feels after a wash and in the mornings itchy and tight. On the summer I use spf 50 but right now we have almost no sunny days, so I mostly skip it.

Thank you!



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Hi Jaanika! I am so sorry we've missed your post a while back! I think your skincare routine looks very solid and gentle, so it is surprising that your skin feels tight after cleansing and itchy in the morning. It is possible that you have a sensitivity to a specific ingredient. What products do you use atm on your face?