Linder Linder
3 years ago

skincare for 17 teenage boy

Could you please advise which products are good for 17yrs old boy who face skin started to have lot of spot, quite hard when touching. thanks

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This simple sample routine can work:

The key product in it is Differin gel (over-the-counter acne medication). It is a retinoid, and it is proven to work. Give it 6-8 weeks to show first results. If improvements are not good enough, the best course of action then is to see a dermatologist not to let the issue get out of hand and avoid scarring.

This routine can be quite drying. If it becomes a problem, try to skip the PanOxyl face wash (and just use something simple like cerave hydrating cleanser instead) and use the salicylic acid product once per week.

Daily sun protection is important for treating acne and avoiding long-lasting scars. The best practice is to use a sunscreen lotion rather than a spray, but this can be too much to expect from a teenager in terms of compliance and routine consistency. A spray is better than nothing. Please apply it generously.