mimi7253 mimi7253
3 years ago

Hi there! First of all big congratulations for this website! It's fantastic, I love it! I have been wondering about one thing.. some products that appear 'green' in terms of irritability here are less green in terms of safety on EWG.org and vice versa. Any ideas why?

Also, was wondering if it's possible to create multiple routines, each with a different name - I would like to play around trying out different possible future routines, or creating proposed routines for family and friends. I have been able to create multiple routines but they are all under the same name. I don't know if this is a technical issue.. I am using safari.

Finally, I couldn't locate some new products I added through the search option. Why would that be?

Thank you!!

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Thank you so much for your kind words! Your feedback keeps us going!

If I am honest, we do not understand EWG methodology, so can't speak for them. It looks to me that they do not reflect allergy and irritancy risk in their product assessments. For example, I've just checked out their "verified" facial cleansers - and for example, this product is marked as "verified" and is in green, but even EWG themselves marks "allergy and immonotoxicity" for it as "high" (red) (btw, I am very puzzled they use the term "immunotoxicity" in this context, but again, I am struggling with their methodology): https://www.ewg.org/skindeep/products/765581-Just_the_Goods_lightly_foaming_vegan_face_wash_for_oilycombination_skin/. So when they mark a product "verified" it still can have high allergy and irritancy risk.

My understanding is that most products that get EWG verified ratings tend to contain a lot of "natural" ingredients, including fragrant essential oils and plant extracts. These compounds are frequent allergens and irritants - hence the tendency for higher irritancy risk for these products.

RE the routines question - yes, you can change the name of your routine by just clicking on its current name when you are editing/creating it (once you click/ tap on it, the title becomes editable. If you don't see a pulsing "typing" sign straight away, please click again or just start typing). We will also see how to make it more obvious - clearly we didn't do a good job designing that part! 🙈- hoping we can update this part soon.

For the product you've added, could you share its name? We'll check.

Thanks again for getting in touch!


Thank you for the detailed response :-)

I suspected that’s the case with potential differences - naturalness (and potentially other factors) versus irritability.

And thanks for the other clarifications- I am now able to see added product, it just took some days to appear.

Thanks again!


Hello! 👋 Wanted to update you re the routine feature - you can now email a routine directly to a friend from this menu: https://whatsinmyjar.com/user/skincare-routines (click on send / get image). Please let us know what you think!


Hi Maria, yes, I saw it was updated, it’s brilliant!!! Very user friendly!