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8 months ago

Help!! Not sure products I’m using are suitable for me

My skin barrier got damaged after trying on many new products at once. Now I’m in the process of repairing the damage skin. However I am still unsure about using sunscreen. I started getting tiny bumps every-time after using sunscreen. I’ve tried double cleansing too but it is a bit too much for me.

I have normal/combo dehydrated skin. I don’t wear make up, I only apply sunscreen one or two times during the day, so does double cleansing a must? I have iunik sunscreen spf50. Please can anyone advice me. Thanks

iUNIK - Centella Calming Daily Sunscreen SPF50 PA++++
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Double cleansing isn't a must, if you feel like your skin gets clean using just one cleanser then that is enough.

If you only get the bumps after using sunscreen, then it might be because something in the sunscreen irritates your skin, leading to breakouts.

Do you only get these bumps with sunscreen and not with other types of skincare products? And do you get the bumps with every sunscreen you have tried or only with the current product you're using? If you only get the reaction with sunscreens and with all/most sunscreens you've tried, then it might be the UV filters (in other words, UV-blocking ingredients) used in them that irritate your skin. You could read about different UV filters and try various sunscreens with different filters to find which ones work best for you.

If you've experienced bumps after using some other products apart from sunscreen, or if it's only your current sunscreen that is giving you the reaction, it could be some other ingredient in the sunscreen that irritates your skin. Reading and comparing the ingredient lists of products that give you a reaction could help you eventually work out which ingredients do and don't suit your skin.


Thank you for your replied. Much appreciated. I started using Cerave spf50 and that’s when I started tiny bumps, then I keep trying new products to find out if it would help small bumps go away. Nothing is working at the moment 😔


At least according to this site, quite a few of the Cerave sunscreen's ingredients are comedogenic, so if the bumps appeared then and the Iunik sunscreen isn't making them worse, then I would keep using the current sunscreen. It doesn't seem to have any comedogenic ingredients and has some nice soothing ones. I've heard that some people tend to get closed comedones/weird bumps with Cerave's creams and lotions even though most people's skin handles them well.

But if you find that the current sunscreen is also causing you even more bumps, then you might want to try a sunscreen with different UV filters. Supposedly mineral sunscreens (which use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the UV filters) are less likely to irritate the skin, but they unfortunately also tend to give a white cast and have a thick product consistency... My skin isn't very picky when it comes to sunscreen so sadly I don't have any product recommendations for mineral sunscreens, but I'm sure plenty can be found online.