Livi6216 Livi6216
8 months ago

Help!!!! Day cream spf 50

I need a day cream with spf 50! I’ve got combination skin that gets dehydrated, and extra oily in t-zone (ofc) in winter. I use retinol at night so high spf is a must! Not willing to spend a ton of money (filorga, dermatologica) but not really in to super cheap brands either (Nivea, neutrogena).

I litterally have no clue where to start, plz help <3

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The problem with spf I feel is that it's so personal! I've tried many, and some were nice at first but I ended up disliking them by the end of the summer. Last summer I had one from La Roche-Posay and this summer one from Bioderma - but both had a slight chemical smell I didn't like too much. I like the CeraVe one a lot right now (spf 30) and I plan to try their spf 50 next summer.

What I really do enjoy (for reapplication during the day - so in addition to a regular spf in the morning) is the Eucerin dry touch spray. It's a quick and mess free reapplication, can be done over makeup and in seconds and I have a mini version to take with me at all times. (because who really applies a cream spf when they are not on a beach vacation?)


Hi! I also have dehydrated oily skin and use a retinoid, and the spf that works best for me is the SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Hyalu-Cica Water-Fit Sun Serum SPF50+ PA++++. I get mine from Stylevana for about $8 per tube, but it's also on Amazon for I think about $25 for a 2-pack. It's the lightest textured spf I've ever used, very hydrating, and doesn't leave a white cast. Also it's very calming and cooling for the skin.