Vely Vely
9 months ago

Hello from Vely

I'm in search of a treatment/serum/moisturizer for my 50 year old dry, wrinkled, clogged skin with enough effective active ingredients to get the job done. I would like it to include retinol, niacinamide, glycolic/lactic acids (AHAs) and especially high moisturizing ingredients. I want the product's Honesty Check to be all green dots!

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You would probably have to buy a few separate products—a retinol serum or cream (pm), an exfoliating toner, cleanser or serum (pm) and a moisturizer, SPF or hydrating serum that includes Niacinamide (am and/or pm). Start by finding a low irritation cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen that you like before you start the retinol or AHA, which can take some time.