Maria from WIMJ
10 months ago

In case you are wondering how Holiday Gift Guides and "Best of" lists are made in beauty magazines and newspapers 😉

Here is a blinded offer we have received on email from someone thinking that WIMJ sells our own products:

"I'm finalizing a campaign at [online version of a popular national newspaper] with millions of monthly views.

We're launching a Christmas Gift Guide soon. It's a golden chance to boost your brand's visibility to a large online audience.

The guide goes live in October and stays promoted for several weeks. Brands get a detailed article about their product, including images and links, optimized for search.

Due to recent events, we have a last-minute slot available. If you can provide content quickly, we'll offer this at a special price.

Interested in featuring WIMJ at this rate?

Awaiting your feedback."

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Sounds great, I've cut my beauty boxes down to one (Ipsy) but love trying new products


Of course I know that this is happening, but to read it like this makes it even more clear. You really have to do your own research and think critically about what they are trying to sell you. Thanks for sharing!


Absolutely shocked!!!!!!! Wow. Thank you for the in site.


Thanks for sharing! Yeah, I've been looking into some products lately and was surprised about how ineffective they are against their promises, but at the same time so raved about everywhere.