Raquel m Raquel m
3 years ago

what you think? Am I doing a good work ir maybe there are too Many products in my routine?

I use as Well a Niacinamide , ACE complex , retinol and ha night mask twice a week (same as the ordinary's glycolic tonic but alternating days ) a Vit C eye cream daily am and pm and a sunscreen that you dont recognize as It idk why , It is the Garnier cream in my routine. And Im thinking about some retinol cream for nights.

Too much maybe?Am I doing a good work for anti aging and moisturing? any advice? ideas or product recomentadion?

And I have a doubt: I have to clean my skin daily with soaps , cleansers , micellar water etc though im not using makeup or sunscreens? (I never use makeup base f e)

Thanks a lot and I dont know If I have to add my routine so this way u can see in this post but I couldnt , Hope u can help me !

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Retinoid, vitamin C & sun protection is pretty much the best you can do for anti-aging. I think it would make sense to transition to a daily retinoid product instead of a mask a couple of times per week. You will probably than need to reduce the frequency of your glycolic acid product to once or twice a week.

Please check that your sunscreen provides a broad spectrum protection - as in protects against the UVA light as well as against UVB.

You do not need to wash your skin with cleansers if your skin doesn't feel dirty. if you use a sunscreen (which is a very good thing), then I'd recommend cleansing with a cleanser once per day at night.

Regarding moisturizing - you are doing a great job if your skin feels comfortable, not tight, not rough or irritated. Often doing less in terms of skincare leads to better results - no need to fix anything unless it's broken 😃 ( sun protection is an exception - it makes sense to be diligent about it no matter the skin type or skin condition)


aaaww thaanks a lot ! It has help me with my fundamental doubts ! I Will try with a retinoid night cream with low concentration to begin and Will only use the glycolic tonic onlywhen I feel my skin dull ,opaque or more greasy as normal.

Thanks a lot once more you guys are doing a great job!

Big Up!!!

I Will check my sunscreen aswell but It was the only one that I found without octocrylene for a reasonable price , I dont like the idea of use a sunscreen that make me allergic to sun :( !