Jackie Tee
5 months ago

Should you change routine / products periodically?

I've heard drom different sources that it's good to change skincare products / brands every now and then, because your skin might get "used" to products and they won't be as effective. Sounds a bit weird to me, but since I've heard it multiple times, I wanted to ask your opinions.

Personally I usually stick with what works - but I have eczema prone skin, and I'd like to limit exposure to new products in fear of flare ups. I only change my moisturizer for colder months when my skin needs more richness. But if I find something that works, I'm pretty loyal to it.

Do you change products often? Does it really do anything for the skin, or is it just the novelty that you enjoy?

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There is no real reason to change your products if they work well for you: skin doesn't get "used" to them, that's a marketing BS trying to get you to try new products. Rarely, there are innovations coming up - like a new active, or a product with higher concentration of an active that you already like and would like to go higher.