Jackie Tee
10 months ago

Budget skincare

Just read an article about where to spend (more) money when it comes to skincare, wanted to share some insights and get your opinion!

First tip is to simplify your routine - you don't need a 10 step routine, but focus on your priorities.

Don't spend (too much) on:

  • cleansers: it sits on your skin for about 30 seconds. Any actives have no real chance to do anything. There are plenty affordable options that are gentle for the skin.

  • serums or products with: niacinamide, HA, vitamin C, retinol, glycolic acid: these are known and tested actives and widely available. No need for companies to up the prices.

  • Fancy packaging and brands that use celebrity ambassadors: you are paying for that porcelain pot, tiny gold spatula or Julia Roberts, not just for the contents.

  • Products that smell nice: it can be irritating and it will up the price for no other reason but the scent

Do spend on:

  • peptides: are often patented and so the production price will be higher.

  • products that are well researched and tested, cruelty free,...

  • good quality SPF

I feel like this place already burst a lot of bubbles for me in terms of where to spend my money. But I didn't know about the peptides, that was news to me. It's also easy to spot the big brands that use traditional advertising, but I feel like nowadays with the tiktok influencers, there is a lot of sneaky marketing going on that might fool many. I admit I sometimes am sensitive to something new I see online.

Are you still influenced by pretty packaging and promises?

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Thank you so much for sharing this @Jackie Tee !💙