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I'm confused because I need a long lasting sunscreen that will give high protection at my job, although I work indoors I have the outside door right behind so all the UV rays are coming in the room from outside into the cafe and I can't always reapply every 2 hours because it gets to busy and I can't afford to take time to reapply Ive got 2 products on my mind could you please check them out and tell me which one is better, I know that p20 had a p20 face sunscreen but I believe they updated it again here is the new updated P20 Face SPF 30 Sun Cream https://www.ocado.com/products/p20-face-spf-30-sun-cream-457190011

But it's a tough decision because on the other hand you got ultrasun anti pigmentation spf50 https://www.cloud10beauty.com/products/ultrasun-anti-pigmentation-face-spf-50-plus#:~:text=Ultrasun%27s%20unique%20encapsulation%20technology%20ensures,8%2D10%20hour%20wear%20time.&text=Using%20Ultrasun%20Face%20SPF50%2B%20Anti,protecting%20against%20future%20skin%20ageing.

Something interesting about this product is that it has 95% UVA UVB protection and I asked ultrasun personally about it and they said this: Hi there, the 95% UVA filters remain stable as they are gradually released for a period of up to 8 hours, however this may vary according to each individual and environmental conditions. We test all of our sun protection to a maximum of 8 hours continuous sun exposure. Please note these tests do not include any shade breaks,

I should be okay I don't really sweat in the cafe but the only things is I find it hard to believe this product can give 95% photo stable protection for 8 hours I don't want to waste your time hear but I'll show you something else ultrasun told me: Hi Aaron, thanks for contacting us. As Ultrasun is a filter as opposed to a sun block the formula sinks all the way into the lower epidermis which is why is doesn't appear on top of the skin under a UV light. As opposed to other sun creams that sit on the surface of the skin, Ultrasun works all the way through the various skin layers to keep all layers protected from the sun. All Ultrasun products are tested up to 8 hours of continuous sun exposure but we would always advise reapplying if you are perspiring frequently or in and out of water. Hope this helps.

The only thing I'm hesitant about buying the ultra anti pigmentation spf50 is that my mum said don't buy it and that she found several negative reviews but when I looked up ultrasun anti pigmentation spf50 it was lots of positive 5 star reviews so I really don't know which way to go p20 or ultrasun

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Ultra sun for sure. Not sure the pigmentation version is necessary - they do a regular 50+ with the purple label that’s cheaper!


I use Bondi Sands spf 50. Living in Australia we are fully aware of the dangers of not wearing sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen isn't just to help prevent pigmentation but more importantly skin cancer. It's not just for cosmetics but for your life.