RichardG111 RichardG111
11 months ago


Absolute Mag™ Streptavidin Magnetic Particles are based on the tight binding of surface exposed streptavidin towards biotinylated target molecules, widely used for immunoprecipitation, co-immunoprecipitation, in-vitro diagnostic assay and magnetic bead cell sorting, etc. Absolute Mag™ Streptavidin Magnetic Particles can be used to immobilize:

• Biotinylated antibodies and other proteins
• Biotinylated dsDNA (gDNA, PCR products) or biotinylated RNA
• Biotinylated oligonucleotides

The main advantage of using these high capacity and low non-specific magnetic particles includes rapid and efficient biomolecule purification from complex samples and reduction in the overall particle mass required to immobilize a biotinylated sample. Resource from

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