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Eye Cream for Wrinkles and Anti-oxidation?

Hi everyone! Can you recommend me a good eye cream for wrinkles and discoloration under eyes? I have combination to oily skin so non-comedogenic products are preferred. Also, anyone tried Neostrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy? Thanks!

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Some skin therapist say you don’t need an eyecream, just use a good, non irritating day/nightcream. A cream just for the eyes is a commercial thing.

Sounds good to me, so that’s what i do.


Thank you, Barbara, very interesting approach. I will look into it. Best!


So I did a bit of web search and you are right, if you just want to moisturize your eyes, then you can use a soft, non-perfumed, non-irritant face cream (the skin around eyes is thinner than the rest of the face so extra attention to ingridients needed). This makes sense.

But I need more than moisturizing and I already have an acne-prone sensitive skin so I will need to find an eye cream/therapy...


I assum you don’t have acne under your eyes, maybe two creams. An anti acne cream and a hydrating cream with peptides or whay ever you like.

I don’t have acne anymore, my worries are more that of an older skin. So i have no knowledge about acne.

But you can have a look at “Products” > “ Skin concern “ There you can find anti-acne products.


Thank you so much! I don't have acne under my eyes but I have acne-prone skin in general.

As for the older skin worries, I hear you! I started using Dermalogica biolumin-c vitamin c eye serum and Neostrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy. So far so good :)