Martic Martic
last year

Hello from Martic

Hi everyone,

I’m really worried about what I put on my skin. The choice of products is mind-boggling and they all promise the earth. I am lucky to have reasonably good skin for my age (71). I am allergic to the sun so I tend to avoid exposure. Luckily, I live in Scotland so it’s not too much of a problem!

I am fed up buying products that don’t do the job or irritate my skin so I decided a little research was in order and I think this site is just what I am looking for.

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Hello @Martic 👋, welcome to WIMJ! We have a special search for products that are least likely to irritate your skin - you can filter the products by category (like sunscreens, cleansers etc), ingredients they contain or don't contain, country you shop from and other criteria: Hope this is helpful!