Kat Kat
last year
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Hi Kat!

I am 39 and have been trying to manage especially painful acne for the past couple of years. I would definitely advise you to go and have facials regularly at a place where therapists truly know what they are doing. I would also suggest you to cut down, if not totally remove, dairy products (it was really difficult for me as I am a huge fan of cheese but I really saw the difference). As for the products, I am now using Dermalogica cleansing oil and special cleanser but will change to Perricone MD products as this website states that this duo is not gentle. Age Bright Clearing serum from Dermalogica is a great product . Other than this, even though I have not tried them, Perricone MD products seem to have the beneficial ingriedients for the job (I am planning to switch to Perricone MD Blemish Relief Gentle Exfoliating Toner and Perricone MD Hypoallergenic CBD Nourishing & Calming Moisturizer). Lastly, I exfoliate my skin twice a week.

I know facials and these products cost a lot but unfortunately problematic skins such as mine, especially when aging, need this kind of a routine.

I hope I could be of help and your skin clears in a very short time!