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Hello from NatsukiSings

Hi! I really don't know how to use the website, so I'll write some things here about my skin. It's quite sensitive and reactive, oily but gets dehydrated easily. My pores are noticeable although I try to keep them clean (nothing much to do there?). I HATE how sticky mys skin feels with gels made for oily skin and how oily it feels with creams for dehydrated skin, so I struggle to find a good moisturizer. So long, my absolute favourite is Purito's Deep Sea Pure Water hydrating cream. It's light, confortable and, when used in the right amount, not oily at all. A dream. But any other recomendations are MUCH appreciated.
Also, where I live the cilmate is really humid, around 65% relative humidity (more during summer, a bit less less in winter) so heavy products are a no-go, my skin will just sweat them T_T
Right now I'm looking for a good retinol to incorporate to my routine.

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Hello @NatsukiSings 👋! Hoping this can help you get the best out of our website. Check out our product search - you can look up products by ingredients, irritation risk, texture and also see other users' ratings. You can also use filters to filter out ingredients you do not like. Here are products with retinol , and moisturizers. Also take a look at our skin guide section: caring for sensitive skin, reducing clogged pores and acne. Another tool that can be helpful is our Routine Builder: it asks you a few questions about your skin, and recommends a full routine (and you can choose among multiple product options that fit the recommendation criteria).