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last year

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Hi everyone. I am female over 55 years of age. I had intensive head and neck radiation 64 one hour session in total due to cancer. The skin around my mouth has deep lines. I could not use any products as everything burned. My skin has recovered but I have red irritation on my forehead and cheeks. No pimples, blemishes or scaring just red like I have blush on. Grateful to be alive but would like to reduce the deep lines. Any suggestions?

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Hello @Shoelah - welcome to the community!👋 Is there a chance you can get a consultation with a dermatologist just to take a look at the redness and check if they'd recommend a retinoid for you? Probably the last thing you want is to aggravate your skin - and retinoids often lead to irritation. If the derm signs off, retinoids can be an effective anti-wrinkle treatment for you and make a difference.