Barbara Barbara
last year

Hi ! from Barbara

I am: living in the Netherlands, 49 years on planet earth and into skincare for several years. I enjoy the action and the improvements i see. And more than open to learn more.

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This seems like the best site I’ve ever seen for information. In the 1980s, I bought the book by the cosmetics cop. She became Paula Begoun with a website in the 1990s. Then she began selling her own products as Paula’s Choice in the 2000s, so her reviews became more self oriented. I found Incicoder online and used that for a long time until I discovered whatsinmyjar only just this week. I’m so happy I did. When I need anything now, I WILL BUY FROM THIS SITE, because it’s just two people keeping it going and they sustain themselves on the commissions.

I’m in my 70s now so I’ve a lifetime of experience with skin products.


Thank you so much for your support @LeftCoaster !💙